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10 Best Independent Living Services and Amenities to Know About

two senior men lifting weights

All independent living communities offer some amenities. They have to if they want to attract today’s active, healthy seniors. So, how do you choose which independent living amenities are the best? Quality spaces and equipment are certainly important. It’s also important to find a wide range of choices to keep you busy now that you’re free from working every day, of managing the upkeep of a home, and being able to enjoy life more than ever before.

But the best independent living services are the ones that YOU prefer. What sorts of activities do you enjoy? You can ask yourself, “If I had all the free time in the world, how would I spend my days in a way that makes me feel the happiest and most fulfilled?” Well, guess what? If you’re considering a retirement lifestyle, that’s exactly what you’ll need the answer to!

So, what are the best independent living amenities you should look for when choosing a retirement community? Here’s a list of amenities and services to consider (and as you see yourself taking advantage of as many of these services as you want, just try and not get too excited!):

1. A Living Space That’s Right for You

There are so many designs, styles and sizes of maintenance-free living spaces to choose from. Senior apartments can vary in shape, aesthetic, appointments and appliances. And the community can exist all in one building, or in various buildings on an open campus, encouraging time outside. You can choose to live in a bustling urban setting, full of activities all around, or a beautiful wooded area for easy access to peace and quiet whenever you want it. And the best part is the housekeeping is usually taken care of for you.

2. Social Activities

No matter how stylish and comfortable your apartment is, you’ll be wanting to spend plenty of time out and about as you celebrate the freedom of your retirement. Independent living services should provide you with plenty of opportunities to socialize, meet people, interact, talk and laugh with your friends. Patios, bars, lounges, and even comfortable seating areas are great places to enjoy the company of all the people you love to spend time with.

3. Private Event Rooms

There will surely be times when you want to celebrate with just the most special people in your life. It’s a real plus if your retirement community offers private spaces as part of its independent living services, so you can entertain guests, family and friends in a place you can invite lots of people and know you’ll be able to throw the perfect party. Some independent living communities offer event rooms of various sizes, making it easy to find the venue that’s just right for any special event to host in your home.

4. Health & Wellness Opportunities

Exercise is important for every person at every stage of life. But it’s never more important than it is for older adults. What’s also important is safety, expert help and advice, and the best equipment available. You want your exercise sessions to be productive, sure, but most of all you want them to be fun. Don’t just look for exercise; look for overall health and wellness. Look for beautiful walking paths for you to get a taste of nature and some fresh air. Make sure there are wellness experts to help you get the most out of your desire for well-being. Yoga classes in a bright, spacious room, or even outside, a pool for recreation and fun, meditation sessions, mindfulness activities – these are all important choices many people would like to have.

5. A Day Spa, Salon and Barbershop 

Everyone loves a day at the salon, or an afternoon sitting with friends at the barbershop. Having these available to you on-site is a great way to have access to this sort of fun activity anytime you want it. You won’t have to travel to get there, and making appointments will be so easy as you get to know how to make the most of your independent living services.

6. Lots of Dining Choices

Some senior apartment communities might offer a single cafeteria for your dining pleasure. And sure, the food there might be of fine quality, and the space may be comfortable and pleasant. But wouldn’t it be far better to have your choice of several different restaurant-style venues that offer variety and spice to your life? Many quality independent living communities offer full-service sit-down restaurants, as well as cafés, deli-style eateries and more. Your retirement lifestyle is all about freedom, and that means choices.

7. Entertainment Venues

Wouldn’t it be great to have a movie theater just a few steps away from your home? What about a game room? Some of the best independent living communities even have professional performers come in to give shows with music, comedy, cooking classes … you name it!

8. Creative Spaces

One of the best things about your retirement lifestyle is that you finally have time to pursue the activities that YOU want to do. Maybe you’ve been wanting to take up a hobby, such as painting, crafting, sculpting, or woodwork. Now is the time, so it might be important to you to find an independent living community that provides creative spaces and artistic classes to choose from. Not only will you be challenged and inspired, but you’ll find some like-minded friends who share your interests.

9. Continuous Learning

The happiest, emotionally healthiest, most satisfied people are the ones who consider themselves lifelong  learners. No matter what age we are, we should never stop learning. When you’re looking at a retirement community, be sure to ask about any and all opportunities to take classes. You can always learn something new, discover more about your current interests, or simply keep current in areas where you’re already an expert. You’ll be exercising your mind, satisfying your curiosity, and having loads of fun every step of the way.

10. Transportation Services

Just because you’re living in a retirement community, that doesn’t mean you’re done getting out into the world and enjoying everything your region has to offer. This is the time of life to enjoy the world around you more than ever! An essential addition to the independent living services you should expect is transportation to the places all around you. Even the convenience of getting a ride to the doctor or dentist can make your retirement lifestyle that much more relaxing and carefree.


The Services and Amenities at Regency Oaks

The retirement lifestyle our residents enjoy includes so many independent living services and amenities that you can be as busy or as relaxed as you want to be, each and every day. And you don’t have to do everything … just what you want to do.

When you’re looking at independent living options, make a list of the services and amenities that are most important to you, and make sure your choices have those to offer. We’re sure that at Regency Oaks, you’ll find all the services, amenities, activities and programs you could want … and then some!

To find out more about our independent living services, amenities and floor plans, contact us.