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Can A One-Bedroom Apartment Work for You? Take Our Quiz!

An airy living room with muted tones a cute golden retriever sitting next to the couch

With an inviting and active senior living campus right outside your door, a one-bedroom apartment can be the perfect personal retreat. Our community offers access to a fully equipped fitness center, and multiple dining venues — including a formal dining room and a pub/sports bar — putting green, arts and crafts studio, a woodworking shop and a 40-acre campus with walking paths. So, you may not need a larger floor plan. Take this quick quiz to see if a one-bedroom senior apartment could be right for you.

Quick Quiz: Seven Questions to Determine if a One-Bedroom Senior Apartment Is Right for You


How many people will be living in your apartment?

A. Just me

B. Me and my partner

C. Me, my partner and our fur baby


After you move to a senior living community, where do you hope to spend most of your time?

A. Out and about, using the community amenities, traveling, at the beach or exploring Clearwater, Tampa and the surrounding metro area.

B. I want to explore the campus and surrounding areas, but I love my private time in my residence.

C. Mostly in my home.


How do you feel about downsizing or rightsizing?

A. I’m looking for a good reason to downsize because I don’t want so much clutter around me.

B. I would love to pare down, but I have a few pieces I simply can’t part with.

C. I want to downsize as little as possible. I love all my possessions.


Will you have a lot of out-of-town visitors, and will you want them to stay with you?

A. Yes, but I’d like them to have their own space.

B. Yes, but we can get together in common areas, meeting spaces or the private dining room.

C. Yes, and I want them in my apartment.


Do you need a home office?

A. No, I can use the library or even my living room.

B. No, but I would like extra space to spread out if I have a big project.

C. Yes, I often work from home.


Would you like to minimize your monthly expenses?

A. Yes, I need to stay within my

B. Yes, I have a budget, but there’s some wiggle room.

C. No, I’m not especially worried about my monthly expenses.


Do you host meetings often?

A. No, almost never.

B. Yes, but I’d be happy to reserve a community room or a meeting room.

C. Yes, and I prefer to host them in my residence.


Tally Your Answers:

Mostly A’s: Yes, a one-bedroom senior apartment would be a wonderful home base during your adventures.

Mostly B’s: A one-bedroom senior apartment will very likely suit your needs, but you may want to look for an apartment with a den. You can also find some helpful tips to figure out how much room you need here.

Mostly C’s: You seem to be looking for a bit more space. You may want to explore a larger floor plan option.


Find the Right Floor Plan for Your Lifestyle.

At Regency Oaks, all our senior apartments feature a full kitchen, private screened-in lanai, spacious closets, and individually controlled heating and cooling systems with most utilities (except phone and internet) included. With a few helpful design tips, you may be surprised how well a one-bedroom senior apartment can fit your lifestyle, but if you’d like to explore a few floor plans in person to see which one feels right, contact us here or use our Community Assistant chat feature. We would love to host you for a personal visit.