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How to Give Your Assisted Living Apartment an Elevated Look

Modern living room in loft style apartment

Just because you’ve retired, doesn’t mean your sense of style has done the same. If anything, now you have more time to explore trends, look for inspiration online and figure out what you want (and what you don’t). So, no matter where you live — even if it’s an assisted living community like Regency Oaks — you want your apartment to express your distinct personality and sense of style. Here are some interior design trends and tips to help you more fully express yourself while maximizing your space.

Interior Design Tips for Your Assisted Living Apartment

Focus on the essentials.

Start by letting go of any items you don’t need. Edit down your wardrobe, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies and even old décor that doesn’t suit your style anymore.

Style with accessories.

Change the pillows and accents to update a space without investing too much in the design. Add some personality by mixing designs on beds and framed photos.

Limit your colors.

Using a color scheme that is simple and unified can give your area a clean and spacious feel.

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

Though light walls tend to be the go-to for opening and brightening up smaller living areas, a dark paint color can make it feel cozy, intimate and warm.

Your layout is what it’s all about.

When you’re working with limited space, it’s important to make every inch count. Think about what you want to put where and how you’ll use each area.

Light up your walls.

To save precious floor space, install a bedroom sconce next to the bed and swing-arm wall light fixtures in the living area.

Center your furniture.

Placing your furniture in the center of the room instead of shoving it against the wall can make your space feel bigger.

Think small and low.

When picking furniture, go for items that are thin and lower to the ground instead of pieces that are chunky and leggy. Low-profile, mid-century furniture is a good option that can make any room feel larger.

A Swiss Army knife for inspiration.

Consider multi-purpose furniture like a coffee table with plenty of surface space that can also hold blankets, pillow and more inside. Or get a simple cube ottoman that can be a footrest for the sofa and additional seating when you have guests.

Consider going down a size.

If you currently have a king- or queen-sized bed, choosing a twin or full mattress is one of the easiest ways to save space.

Add some height.

Extra-high curtains can make your room feel taller and help open it up.

Add mirrors for a bigger feel.

Place large mirrors on the wall opposite your windows to bounce back natural light for the brightest visual effect.

Storage is all the rage.

Add storage wherever you can like shelving, built-ins and multipurpose furniture that allow you to hide things away.

Use every inch.

Under your bed is a great place to add additional storage. Consider putting your mattress on top of a custom storage unit, or have it sit on a set of simple risers to create space for containers underneath.

Cut clutter.

Keep your space clear of stacked items to help make it feel larger. Clean lines, smooth surfaces and space between items will give your residence a more airy, open feel.

Create a Lifestyle That’s Unique Yours

At Regency Oaks, all our assisted living residences are private studio apartments that you can decorate to fit your personal style. You can find more interior design tips on decorating small spaces here. Or if you’re ready to move, we have suggestions for picking a moving company here. To schedule a personal visit use our Community Assistant Chat Feature or contact us here. You can also start designing your new residence by downloading our floor plan.